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Product Code: 9112027
Bois de Cedre Cedar wood gives out a mild woody fragrance to nourish our respiratory tract and bo..
Product Code: 9112020
Citronnelle The citronella scent is the most widely used fragrance in Chinese medicine. Citronell..
Product Code: 9112023
Eucalyptus The fragrance of eucalyptus calms asthma and improves our respiratory system. It preve..
Product Code: 9112025
Bouquet Floral Refreshing and lasting fragrance of therapeutic herbs help soothes the nerves, rel..
Product Code: 9112033
Ginseng Besides expensive health supplements, aromatherapy comes in handy when we need to regulat..
Product Code: 9112034
Vert Green tea’s grassy and tea fragrance helps improve digestion and eliminate fats. Enjoy bette..
Product Code: 9112035
Chevrefeuille Honeysuckle has a rich and elegant fragrance which helps the body eliminates toxins..
Product Code: 9112028
Jasmine Ylang In the hot summer days, the fresh and sweet fragrance of flowers brings vitality. J..
Product Code: 9112019
Lavande With its mild, elegant and refined fragrance, lavender essential oil is the most well kno..
Product Code: 9112036
Feuille de Menthe In the hustle and bustle of urban living, even a breath of fresh air is conside..
Product Code: 9112031
Menthe-Citron Vert The refreshing fragrance of lemon and mint recharges the tired body, drives aw..
Product Code: 9112024
Neutre The neutral aroma oil does not contain any scents but it is able to remove bad odours and ..
Product Code: 9112021
Brise Oceane The bergamot fragrance is sweet, mellow and mild. Just like the gentle sea breeze, i..
Product Code: 9112032
Laurier Roses Oleander radiates a rich fragrance that soothes stomach discomfort and calms the sp..
Product Code: 9112026
Patchouli The refreshing and pleasant scent brings relaxation and clarity to the mind. Patchouli ..
Product Code: 9112029
Rose de Rose The rose aroma is especially suited to the dry and cold wintry weather. It is able t..
Product Code: 9112022
Bois de Santal The rich and steady fragrance of sandalwood has a calming effect on the nerves. Im..
Product Code: 9112030
Vanille-Coco Vanilla-Coconut eliminates bacteria and improves the body’s immune function. The fra..