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Product Code: 0700194
Thanks to the vitamins A and E, it provides a soft feeling of smoothness and moisture, and a brighte..
Product Code: 0700197
The “soft focus” pigments, true colour controllers, are absorbed by the skin and bring immediate per..
Product Code: 0700193
Enriched with vitamin E and shea butter, the gloss possesses nourishing and repairing virtues which ..
Product Code: 0700207
Its nourishing ingredients protect your lips all day long. Its very soft and comfortable texture giv..
Product Code: 0700162
The eye liner pencil underlines and intensifies your look for all the looks, the intense line to the..
Product Code: 0700167
This Eye Reviver Care is enriched with active ingredients which have an immediate looking young effe..
Product Code: 0700182
Immediate metallic glow. The soft, smooth texture makes it comfortable and long lasting. The intense..
Product Code: 0700195
The Eyebrow Pencil defines and shapes the eyebrows to intensify your look. Its unique texture provid..
Product Code: 0700124
The Intense Liquid Eye Liner can be used alone or with a eye shadow to intensify the look, correct t..
Product Code: 0700168
Enriched in Vitamin E and in lavender extracts, the lipstick color and comfort has plumping, smoothi..
Product Code: 0700204
The soft, silky texture provides an even-tone skin and creates a nude make-up effect. Ultra-fine min..
Product Code: 0700164
The Luminous Perfecting Fluid Foundation is enriched with kaolin to erase imperfections and mask vis..
Product Code: 0700163
Thanks to its ingredients, the Luminous Smoothing Primer consists of active molecules which helps to..
Product Code: 0700109
Apply one coat before and after your colored nail polish. Make your nail polish more brilliant and l..
Product Code: 0700157
Thanks to the Extract of White Tea, the Radiant Corrective Concealer assures a soothing, antiox..
Product Code: 0704301
Retractable Eyebrow Pencil The eyebrow pencil lead is made of moderate hardness; its texture del..
Product Code: 0700159
The Silky Mousse Make-up Base is enriched in vitamin E and in proteins of wheat known for their lift..
Product Code: 0700178
Thanks to its exclusive two-length brush, it separates, lengthens and adds volume to your lashes whi..
Product Code: 0700187
The texture of this Velvet Blush has a second skin effect. Its redefining and illuminating effects l..
Product Code: 0700179
The velvet pressed powder offers your skin a perfect coverage with a velvety matte finish. Its textu..